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Art: Party of four, plus one

( sorry for the picspam, just wanted you guys to know i'm still alive and kicking)

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Ahem. Sorry. I just got so excited with that was so unexpected! All he's missing are the aviator sunglasses.

Oh, upon close inspection, I see that he does have sunglasses. (I was looking at this on my tiny iPhone screen.)

Edited at 2012-06-05 11:49 pm (UTC)

Mmm. problem officer?

"Get out of the car and spread 'em."


Creakyleather! Frollo just screams for more, doesnt he? ^^

More, more, more! Please.

ooohh. guz...bzzz..Yes.

Have you caught up with Korra yet btw?


Amorra. I ships it. Also, Tarrlok/Korra. MM. That fandom has got sexy badasses, I tells ya. (woops)

The last episode I saw is where they discovered the underground factory. They haven't put the latest episode on On Demand yet for me to catch up. :(

Cool! Thank you! I'll watch it after school pick up. :)

Nah, I am just a humble instrument. It's the Muse that rides...the motorcycle these days. Gnuhgnuh.

Btw, how you been, Miss Radiator? I miss you!

I miss you too, sweetling! I'm just putting along, trying to decide what to write for the Exchange, trying to get my other stuff in shape for publication, and trying to make real life make sense!

How are you? It's great to see the Muse kicking that Harley into life. Love bikercop!Frollo! He's sex on two legs.

ahhh Fudge! I totally forgot to sign up. Again. Ah well, Maybe I will squeeze in a pinchhit ;-)

Trying to make real life make sense? Impossible. But is all good on your side of the pond? *worries*

Oh, everything's fine, sweetie. Nothing in the world to worry about.

These are, as ever, wonderful!

Whoa, thank you! That makes me happy to hear!



it's happening

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